Confirmation at St. Jude celebrates the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of young people. The Confirmation process is a time of discernment for our teens to explore, challenge, grow and eventually take ownership of the Catholic Faith.  The process involves not only the teens, but the whole family and entire parish community. Confirmation preparation at St. Jude is a two year process that may be started in the 9th-11th grade.

Year 1 and Year 2 Confirmation 2023-2024 (High School)

  • To register, we will need the teens Baptism Certificate and registration fee
  • Calendar and Syllabus Click Here
  • Confirmation registration is no longer available online.  Please contact [email protected]

Description of Confirmation Classes:

We have an exciting year planned for our St. Jude teens! Important notes for the upcoming year:

  • Activities to encourage meeting new friends and develop existing relationships
  • Peer to peer guided discussion with high school upperclassmen volunteer leaders
  • One retreat per year, trip to the L.A. Archdiocese Youth Day, guest speakers, parent and sponsor nights, and more
  • Following the Life Teen Confirmation lesson plan


  • Candidates must attend 1 retreat per year. If a candidate is unable to attend St Jude’s retreat, they must notify Francis and make arrangements to attend another parish’s retreat or one of our retreat options. Candidates may not arrive late, leave early, or be gone for a period of time during the retreat. Transportation is provided.
  • Mass is part of a Confirmation night and is required for attendance. Sign in starts at 3:50, at the front doors of the church. Attending a different Mass time will require a bulletin from that Mass to fulfil the requirement.


Service Opportunities

Francis Nottingham - Confirmation Coordinator, High School and Young Adult Minister

  • Phone: 1(213)352-2765
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office Hours by appointment, Monday through Thursday