Dedicated Poinsettias

We are very happy to announce that, after being suspended last year due to Covid, we are once again inviting all parishioners to join in adorning the sanctuary for Christmas with personally donated and dedicated poinsettias this year.  If you would like to participate, please bring your poinsettia(s) to the tables on the hall stage beginning on Saturday, December 18 through Thursday, December 23.  Labels for dedication will be available there for your use.  If you prefer to make your label at home, please just be sure to confine it to a size that will fit on the pot cover.  If you prefer to make your dedication at the donation site, labels will be available for your use.  In order to maintain a somewhat coordinated look in the church, we ask that the poinsettias be of the 6” pot size, which is widely available at grocery stores and the like.

In past years your generous donations and dedications of poinsettias helped create a beautiful and especially meaningful environment in which to celebrate Our Lord’s birth.  We hope that it will be the same for this year and we thank you so very much in advance for your continuing generosity.

Any questions, please contact Terry Groel at (805) 495-7419.