Church Reopening Announcement

Welcome Home Weekend

June 18, 2021

  • St. Jude's will be open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Hand Sanitizing is available and encouraged
  • No social-distancing requirements
  • Masks are required for the unvaccinated
  • Please sing!
  • Absolutely no bath-robes, bunny-slippers, or coffee mugs.


A letter from Father Jim

My dear parish family,

While this has become a special kind of "WELCOME HOME WEEKEND" here at St. Jude's and throughout our Archdiocese, let's also acknowledge that this weekend already was designated a time for special celebration.  This FATHERS' DAY WEEKEND is one in which we thank God for all our Dads, living and deceased, and we ask God's choicest blessings for them.  Fathers: we're praying-you-up in a special way at all our Masses this weekend.  Maybe one of those main ways that we can celebrate our Dads this weekend is by accompanying them to Mass...perhaps for the first time in quite a while.

I was very surprised earlier this week when we received the revised guidelines for our parish liturgical life: there was so much greater emphasis on the "opening up" than I thought would be the case.  While masks are still required for the unvaccinated and for any and all who are ministering in any way at Mass, the first step in eliminating masks has been taken.  There is no requirement for social distancing, and our full participation in singing our prayer to the Lord is encouraged.  This transitional moment gives us the opportunity to be especially accommodating to one another.  (For instance: the Sign of Peace will require a bit of consultation and negotiation: Fist-bump? Elbows? Nods? Bows?)  But let's enjoy this time of moving into greater ease and continued good health.

We all certainly want to be respectful of the decisions that many of our parishioners need to make regarding safety for themselves personally and for their families and households.  Those who are still very uncomfortable with an in-person celebration of the Eucharist will take the necessary precautions to guarantee their good health and safety, and we want to be supportive of their decisions.  The Archdiocese has asked that we discontinue our practice of "Drive-Up Communion", but we will continue to have the Mass live-streamed into our hall, where social distancing can be easily accomplished, and the Lord may be reverently received.  We once again now have permission to send out our Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick, who can take our Eucharistic Lord to the sick and shut-ins of the parish.  Please contact our parish office (818-889-1279) if this is a service that can be provided for you or those you love.  

I'm so looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible this weekend!  Am praying all possible joy and...

Peace in His service,


Fr. Jim