Recycling for the Homeless

Temporarily Suspended

In an effort to relieve one stress in this time of concern about the corona virus, we will be suspending the recycling program temporarily.  We want to protect our volunteers as much as possible when they are sorting and redeeming our donated items.  This program has been a valuable asset in allowing us to help the homeless, so we will let you know as soon as we are up and running again!  Thanks for your patience and consideration. 

Recyclables are collected year round to provide funds for purchasing items for our local homeless.

Accepted: Recyclable bottles and cans (marked CRV), aluminum, glass bottles (except for wine - no redemption value)

Where?  Recyclables can be placed in containers marked "Recyclables" around the church grounds any time.

How can I help?  Volunteers are scheduled for specific shifts sorting or delivering for redemption. 

To volunteer email  Arthur Estrada or Julie Feely.  For more information call Jackie & John Treuting (805)495-4630

A Loaves and Fishes Ministry 

2020 Recycling Report
January  $1,057.38
February $671.97
March - April $511.38
May - June $203.47






2019 Recycling Report 
January  $752.19
February  $492.28
March  $677.35
 April   $905.18
May  $876.33
June  $741.96
July  $842.14
August  $1,108.35
September  $1,215.51
October $814.27
November $585.92
December $834.38