Recycling for the Homeless

Collections During COVID

Recycling and Food Collections on the third Saturday of every month from 9am-10am.  Loaves and Fishes has adapted to the current pandemic with drive-thru events.  It’s an exciting chance to see others in the line of cars and a great way to help those in needFood insecurity doubled in the months since the pandemic began, so the local needs are great.

You are invited to drive through St. Jude’s parking lot as many third Saturdays as you can January through May to drop off a bag(s) of food AND your aluminum cans and plastic drink bottles with a CRV separated into bags for recycling.  If possible, crushing the bottles and cans ahead of time is very helpful.

Questions? Want to donate but are unable to drop off?  Want to volunteer in the parking lot? Have a truck for delivery?  Please contact John or Jackie Treuting at 805-495-4630.  Not getting out to shop?  A check to LOAVES AND FISHES is welcome and can be dropped off in line or mailed to the church or me.  For questions contact Jackie Treuting (805)495-4630

 “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink.”  Matthew 25:35

Recyclables are collected year round to provide funds for purchasing items for our local homeless.

Accepted: Recyclable bottles and cans (marked CRV), aluminum, glass bottles (except for wine - no redemption value)

Where?  Recyclables can be placed in containers marked "Recyclables" around the church grounds any time.

How can I help?  Volunteers are scheduled for specific shifts sorting or delivering for redemption. 

To volunteer email  Arthur Estrada or Julie Feely.  For more information call Jackie & John Treuting (805)495-4630

A Loaves and Fishes Ministry 

2020 Recycling Report
January  $1,057.38
February $671.97
March - April $511.38
May - June $203.47
October $471







2019 Recycling Report 
January  $752.19
February  $492.28
March  $677.35
 April   $905.18
May  $876.33
June  $741.96
July  $842.14
August  $1,108.35
September  $1,215.51
October $814.27
November $585.92
December $834.38