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July 18, 2020 Confirmation Services:

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Confirmation 2020-2021

Confirmation at St. Jude celebrates the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of young people. The Confirmation process is a time of discernment for our teens to explore, challenge, grow and eventually take ownership of the Catholic Faith.  The process involves not only the teens, but the whole family and entire parish community.

Confirmation preparation at St. Jude is a two year process that may be started in the 9th-11th grade.

Registering for Confirmation

This year we have several options available for young people to prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation:

Option 1: Virtual Gatherings

Through the use of interactive activities, games, videos and small group discussions, young people have the opportunity to learn about our faith and grow in their personal relationship with God.

  • Attend 1 Sunday Confirmation Night per month
  • Attend 1 Sunday Youth Night per month via Zoom
  • Retreat or Retreat Experience
  • Service

Year 1 Calendar*                Year 2 Calendar*

*Confirmation Nights may be changed to in person gatherings if Archdiocese, State, and CDC directives allow. Youth Nights will remain virtual.

Option 2: Independent Formation with Parents and Sponsor

We understand that not everyone can do the option for Confirmation that is available, so we want to provide you the opportunity to develop your own faith formation in a way that works for your family. We can provide suggestions and work with you to find resources which better fit your family situation. You will be responsible for supplying your own materials.

  • Working with materials and other Catholic resources on your own with your parents and sponsor. Resources could include, but not limited to Chosen*, Decision Point*, or Called to Mercy*
  • Retreat or Retreat Experience
  • Service


(Decision Point:

(Called to Mercy:

What all Confirmation Candidates Should Know

Confirmation Preparation Questions

To register or for additional information, contact [email protected]