Baptismal Preparation

Baptism for Older Children (8yrs. & older) & Adults/RCIA

Baptism Requirements (children under the age of 7)

Contact:  Juliana Wilkinson (818) 889-0612 or [email protected]

Parents: both parents must attend a baptismal preparation class 

Godparent(s): must be at least 16 years old, regularly attending Mass and received the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist & Confirmation, be married in the Catholic Church (if married),  cannot be the parent of the child

  • If you have only one Godparent: that person can be either male or female
  • If you have two Godparents: one must be male and the other female
  • One Christian Witness may accompany one Godparent
  • Christian Witness and Godparent must attend baptismal preparation class

Baptismal Preparation Class:  It is a requirement that both parents and godparents attend a baptism preparation class

  • We offer a class here at St. Jude on the 4th Sunday of every month and the certificate is valid for 3 years. We ask that you pre-register for these classes.
  • You may attend a class at another Catholic parish - please email proof of attendance to [email protected]
  • Unfortunately, we do not accept online baptism preparation classes or courses

Are you a Registered Parishioner of St. Jude Church?

  • We encourage you to register your family at St. Jude
  • If you are not active registered members of St. Jude, please provide a letter of permission from the church where you are registered
  • If you are not registered in any parish, it is highly recommended you register at the church in whose boundaries you live

When are Baptisms held?

  • Please note that baptisms are not celebrated during the season of Lent
  • Baptisms are not celebrated privately.  We may schedule up to 3 baptisms at the same celebration. 
  • We do not celebrate Baptisms at Mass. 
  • Baptisms are celebrated on Sundays at 1:30pm

Baptism Fees

  • There are no fees for the preparation class
  • There are no set fees for the ceremony.
  • We ask that you support our Church with a suggested donation of $75. Click here to donate     
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Contact:  Juliana Wilkinson (818) 889-0612 or [email protected]

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