Adult Faith Formation

Adult Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation brings the grace of the Holy Spirit into your lives as it is the Sacrament that completes your baptism. Witnessing to Christ in our world takes all the strengthen the gifts offer: Wisdom, Knowledge, Right Judgement, Understanding, Piety, Wonder and Awe and Courage. Spend time with Deacon Jerome exploring the faith of the Catholic Church and what it means to be a disciple as he works with you in preparation for the Sacrament. Adult Confirmation is for anyone baptized Catholic who has graduated from high school. Contact [email protected] if interested.

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WORD ON FIRE ENGAGE Free Subscription Our parish has purchased a subscription so that all parishioners can choose to join and receive access to Bishop Barron's videos - The Mass, The Catholicism Series, Pivotal Players and many more! Visit our church on Flocknote: StJudeWLV is a premier on-line platform filled with over 4,000 Catholic studies, movies, cartoons, audio dramas, ebooks, and talks – and it’s free for every parishioner thanks to a very generous parish family.  Formed can be reached through the website and with the Formed app which also makes all of this available on your Smart TV and other devices.   Click here to view the flyer for signing in – all you need is the parish zip code (91361), your name and email and you are in! Click here to signup

THE CATECHISM IN A YEAR Understand your Catholic faith with The Catechism in a Year Podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz! Get the free Reading Plan by clicking on the following link By listening to this podcast, Catholics will:

  • Read the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church in 365 days
  • Understand the essentials of the Catholic Faith and why they matter
  • Transform their relationship with the Church that Christ founded