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"God the Creator"

  • How to Raise Kids with Faith, Catholic Update, 8/13. Read the article
  • J. B. Phillips, Your God is Too Small.  Phillips presents a series of “unreal” images of God (such as Resident Policeman, God-in-a-Box, Grand Old Man, Managing Director), formed largely in childhood and argues that adults must update and expand their conception of God or else their faith may be weak or challenged.
  • Michael Schmaus, Dogma 2: God and Creation.  Catholic theologian discusses (in great detail) the Church’s position on God.
  • The Abundance of God, Catholic Update, 6/11. Read the article
  • Why Catholics Care for Creation, Catholic Update, 7/13. Read the article
  • For excellent (but dense) discussions and videos about the false conflict between science and religion see, the website of Fr. Robert Spitzer, a regular speaker at the Catholic Religious Education Congress held annually in February at the Anaheim Convention Center. Fr. Spitzer’s materials will give you lots of ideas on how to discuss the legitimacy of religion, particularly with scientifically-gifted children.




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