Recycling for the Homeless

Recyclables are collected year round to provide funds for purchasing items for our local homeless.

Accepted: Recyclable bottles and cans (marked CRV), aluminum, glass bottles (except for wine - no redemption value)

Where?  Recyclables can be placed in containers marked "Recyclables" around the church grounds any time.

How can I help?  Volunteers are scheduled for specific shifts sorting or delivering for redemption. 

To volunteer email  Arthur Estrada or Julie Feely.  For more information call Jackie & John Treuting (805)495-4630

A Loaves and Fishes Ministry 

2017 Recycling Report 
January $778.97
February $472.40
March $446.41
 April  $451.17
May $637.82
June $497.69
July $1,460.45
August $923.94
September $907.29