Men's Club

St. Jude Men's Club is the central gathering point for all men of the St. Jude Catholic Community.  We promote men's fellowship while pursing our common goal of being men of faith and service to our Church and community.

Men's Club advances the fellowship of the men of St. Jude Catholic Community by providing opportunities for:

  • community building within the parish
  • service to our Church, school, and local community
  • growing in the knowledge and practice of our Catholic faith
  • supporting each other as faithful Catholic men

Men's Club meets on the second Tuesday night of the month in the parish hall.  Meetings include time for socializing, and update on club events and service opportunities, and a segment called "Basic Training for Catholic Men"--a presentation on some aspect of Catholicism that we have to know in order to better understand our faith.  Meetings typically include a guest speaker or a video presentation by popular Catholic speakers. 

NEXT MEETING: “Being with my friends is a great good that makes me happy.” – Bishop Robert Barron, in a speech to employees of Google, March 2018. At the St. Jude Men’s Club, we are big fans of Bishop Barron. We seek to learn more about our faith, and he offers a beautiful vision of how to practice it and why we should. At our meetings, you can expect to hear from Bishop Barron or other faithful guides, authorities, and role models. You can expect a spirited and deep discussion of the presentation. And you can expect to spend time with friends. Come join us! Our next meeting is on Tuesday, November 13, at 7 pm. Father Marc Reeves will speak to us on how to share our faith with ourselves and others. We gather at 7, share a glass of wine or a cup of tea with some hors d’oeuvres, then get down to business. Come enjoy the “great good” of spending time with us.  

For more information or to get your name added to the Club's roster and email communications, email Chris Tolcher or (818)421-4893.

Recommended reading: “Step into The Breach”, an online article by Bishop Thomas Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix.  It is a spiritual call to arms for Catholic men to step into the breach of those walking away from our faith.  It is great motivational reading.   Find it online at this web address: