Food Collections

Eight months each year food is collected from parishioners and donated to agencies serving food-insecure families.  Participating parishioners are asked to donate twice each year in their area. You can also donate every month.

How does the food collection work?  Our parish has been divided into four geographical areas which are asked TWO times a year for a bag of groceries. The food is picked up on the third Saturday of the month and brought to the Church parking lot for sorting and boxing before being picked up by specified service agencies for distribution to needy families. 

Who gets the food?  Catholic Charities, Dolores Mission, St. Vincent de Paul, Impacto/Underwing, Lighthouse Shelter for Women and Children, and Care and Share are regular recipients.  The converted dollar donations are used to help more than 20 other organizations.

How can I help?  You can help by donating, sorting, packing and loading food to be donated to agencies serving homeless and low-income families or individuals.  Also, there is opportunity to make reminder phone calls and to pick up food from various locations.

Community Service Hours for students and school parents

Time & Place?  St. Jude parking lot near the school 8-11am every third Saturday, September through May

What is my area?  To find your area or for more information email Jackie Treuting or (805)495-4630

Collection Dates for 2016-2017: January 21 (area 3), February 18 (area 4), March 18 (area 1A & 1B), April 8 (area 2), May 20 (area 3)

Area Coordinators
Area 1A Eric & Kathy Terndrup Contact by email
Area 1B Kathy Dirks Contact by email
Area 2 Greg Stelmar Contact by email
Area 3 Madeleine Giberson Contact by email
Area 4 Alina Silvestre Contact by email


A Loaves and Fishes Ministry