Adopt-A-Family Easter

Easter Basket Signups: March 16 & 17, 2019 following all Masses at the church doors.

Easter Basket Collection: April 6 & 7, 2019 in the parish hall

Before Easter parishioners can choose a needy child or children by age and gender and provide an Easter Basket to be delivered by a service agency.  It is a fun and wonderful way to brighten the Easter holiday for a young child.  Last year 802 Easter baskets were given to RAIN in Camarillo, Lutheran Services and Many Mansions in Thousand Oaks and Catholic Charities of Ventura, Oxnard and Moorpark.

We ask that the baskets be wrapped in cellophane and be ready to give to a child.  The baskets can be store bought or handmade for children from infants to 13 years. Please deliver baskets to the parish hall before and after all Masses on the scheduled collection dates.  If you miss the collection weekend, please deliver your baskets to the Pastoral Office.   All parishioners are encouraged to donate an Easter Basket or two!  We do take monetary donations with which we will make baskets. Please make out to AAF Easter. For more information please call Pat & Jan McDade (805)498-4043 or call Jackie Treuting (805)495-4630

2018 Collection Results: 939 Easter baskets were given to needy children in the area:

  • 250- Moorpark Catholic Charities
  • 100- Ventura Catholic Charities
  • 150- Many Mansions in Thousand Oaks
  • 308- Care & Share in Simi
  • 75- Oxnard Catholic Charities
  • 38- RAIN in Camarillo
  • 15- St. Jude’s needy

Thank you to:

  • The Pieczynski Family in conjunction with Conejo Teen Organization for a generous cash donation used to make many baskets for the charities.
  • Margie Rivoli for making 450+ baskets using donations.
  • Karen Schneitz, Amanda Melatis, Girl Scout Troop #60198 and St. Jude’s School student’s for their efforts in helping with the collection.
  • And St. Jude parishioners for giving so generously!!!

Also, 511 Easter Baskets were assembled with a generous donation of toys donated by Jakk’s Pacific Toys.  These baskets were given to Heart 2 Heart and Friends of Farmworkers. Thank you to Sue Cass and the confirmation students for making these baskets!!! And for the 11th year, Brenda Hagen and her friends assembled and donated 190 Easter Baskets for seniors at Oasis.

A grand total of 1640 Easter Baskets were given to the needy in our area from St. Jude parishioners!!!

For more information please call Pat & Jan McDade (805)498-4043 or call Jackie Treuting (805)495-4630

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