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La Archdiocese News - Tidings Online

Supreme Court sends more mandate cases back to lower circuits

After sending the Little Sisters’ HHS mandate case back to the circuit courts on May 16, the Supreme Court voided two more mandate cases with Catholic plaintiffs on Monday.

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Don't love concepts – love people, Pope Francis tells aid workers

Addressing a global summit on humanitarian aid, Pope Francis offered encouragement and a reminder – don’t ever forget that each suffering person you encounter has a name.

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From the Vatican, top Sunni imam calls for end to terrorism

After his historic meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican Monday, Egypt's Grand Imam of al Azhar issued a global appeal to counter terrorism, which he said is “deviant” of true Islam and threatens the both east and west alike.

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Thank you Scott Boczek!

Scott Boczek, our Confirmation Coordinator for the last two years, has decided it is time to step down as the leader of the Confirmation ministry at the end of this year’s session.  Scott has loved being a part of the ministry and has done wonders in creating a spirit of community through the Teen Core Team and Adult Team.   He has brought an energy and enthusiasm which has been contagious.  Under Scott’s leadership, the Teen Core Team was highly motivated to plan the retreats, youth nights and Confirmation nights.   We are grateful for the time he has been able to devote to the youth of St. Jude’s and we wish him many blessings for his very bright future!

Baby Day Collection

Collection Day is Father's Day, June 19th

Each Mother's Day baby bottles are handed out to be filled with loose change.  On Father's Day the bottles and new and gently used baby items are collected for struggling moms and newborns.  The money collected is developed into a large project for shelters and foster care systems serving infants locally. Click here for details

Are you interested in becoming Catholic?

Are you now or have you ever been interested in looking into becoming a Catholic, or fully-initiated as a Catholic Christian?  Or maybe you know someone who may be interested in becoming a Catholic.

Are you an unbaptized person?  Does what Jesus says--not just to people 2000 years ago, but to you, today, right now--resonate in a particular way?  Maybe you were raised in a household where a non-Christian religion was practiced, and you'd like to learn more about Catholic Christianity.  There's something--or Someone--drawing you to look into the Church.  GIMME A CALL!  (818-889-1279)  E-MAIL ME!  (  Let's talk about this! Read more

Holy Year of Mercy Resources

Pope Francis invites us to think about mercy anew as the "act by which God comes to meet us" but also mercy as the "fundamental law that dwells in the heart of every person who looks sincerely into the eyes of his brothers and sisters on the path of life"..   Read More

Monitor the Online Footprint of Your Student-A FREE Tool

Footprint Friday: A Free Tool to Monitor the Online Footprint of Your Student. This tool helps parents monitor their student's social media presence every Friday in less than 5 minutes. Read more.

Archdiocese of Los Angeles's Bequest Language

An excellent way for you to support Archdiocese of Los Angeles's parishes, schools and ministries is to leave us a bequest in your will, living trust or with a codicil. One significant benefit of making a gift by bequest is that it allows you to continue to use the property you will leave to charity during your life. Another benefit is that you are able to leave a lasting legacy. Read More